Hello good people, welcome back to yet another article from 404updates, accept us share with you this little activity that has been happening in the country of Ambazonia.

As the world knows the Ambazonian crisis has last for nearly 3 years now, with new activities every single day, (killing, Rape, Torture .. etc). But yet, the opposite Government seems silent to anything that pops.

We are not going deep, so as to bore you with what you already know …… this season, the A.D.F (Ambazonian Defense Force) have been on their grind to evict every french colonial tool from their territory, the conflicts between this two parties kept nothing but dead bodies from either the right or the left hand.

Lately, this battles have progress to the level that every civilian In Cameroon is frightened as the A.D.F promise more flames on the asses of this colonial masters come October.

By-So-Doing, Ambazonians living in their territory turn to flee their lands in fear of the bloody combat in the days as ahead as promised by the both parties, really, this is not a an experience to witness, God alone has it all. see you in the articles ahead.


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