Hello good readers, how are you all, happy Sunday from the team of 404updates.com today we will like to clear some few questions people ask me when i turn to say it is Cameroun and not Cameroon.

Any how you call it you are correct, just be ready you understand what you are calling and to whom you are addressing. Before now, the Cameroon was under the unity of 2 united states (La Republique du Cameroun and Ambazonia or Southern Cameroun) – After 1960 (independence of Cameroun) her other brother in 1961 (Ambazonia) gained her own independence, okay now.

The joined equal states were called CAMEROON – on the 1st of october 2017 the AMBAZONIANS reinstated their Independence as of 1961 and path ways with LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN – dividing Cameroon, (as it was previously called) to two separate countries, namely:- LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN and AMBAZONIAN.

To conclude, the name Cameroon is a forceful tool, used by LRP to cage Ambazonians under their colonial rule. thanks for visiting our page, let us know what you have in mind in the comment section below. Thanks.


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