Hello good readers, for some time now we’ve not spoken about the anglo-crisis, reasons best known to us, today we schedule time from our numerous activities to shine light on what’s happening in the Manyemen village leading to Ayong village, around Mamfe, Manyu.

Weeks back, every ear in Cameroon, heard H.E PAUL BIYA said, war to those trying to separate my country“. This statement came in as a result from the press by the Anglophone leaders, Ambazionians, home and abroad.

To cut the long story short, the more soldiers are killed in Manyu, Mamfe, the more they are been packed down to Mamfe and Manyu, but the funniest part is, “these soldiers don’t reach their destinations, in fear to die at Mamfe”, by-so-doing they are now FRUSTRATING IN THE FOREST OF MANYEMEN VILLAGE.

They don’t stay down, but harass young farmers and hunters, and forcefully take their food stuffs and bush meat, respectively.

 I hope this massage goes viral and alert Yaounde to come to the rescue of her dieing soldiers in MANYU.


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