Hello readers, news from across the boarders today will shock you, the story is about to start, take a sit lets ride.

We all heard her talk before constitutional council In Cameroun some days back, in light against the elections in Cameroun. She seeing defending her client Mr Maurice Kamto, one of the presidential candidate, representing the MRC party.

We have been anticipating this atrocities for almost 2 weeks now, and wondered why actions like this did not start earlier before today, tension is mounting in Yaounde, Douala and other LRP cities.

This is a fresh story of BARRISTER NDOKI MICHELLE, one of LRP active Barristers in the gutters like a piece of shit, and finally was arrested, the is nothing particular to talk about, we all know its due to her stand in the presidential election 2018, and her words before the Constitutional Council defending her client Prof Maurice Kamto, and the extend at which she and her team went to disprove their opposition.

We will not move an inch into politics or take sites in this game, but strive at informing the general public of the happenings around her neighboring countries. see you next time.

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